Since 2005 the Royal Higher Institute for Defence organizes, in close co-operation with Egmont - Royal Institute for International Relations, the High Studies Security & Defence. 

Given the various challenges that emerged all around the world over the past years, the need for a multidisciplinary approach of Security and Defence issues has become more and more present. Globalization is not only an economic phenomenon. Threatening developments like organised crime, violent protest, international terrorism, armed conflict, etc... are reinforcing the need for a global approach.

Dealing in an efficient and responsible way with Security and Defence issues requires a good understanding of the different phenomenons. An in-depth multidisciplinary analysis is necessary to avoid subjective, corporative or individual feelings overcoming a rational approach. These are both the objectives and challenges posed every year to the Auditors of the High Security & Defence Studies. 

The Studies are attended by high ranking military and civil servants from the Belgian Defence, by senior staff of Foreign Affairs, Development Co-operation, Internal Affairs, Justice, Police, the Economic, Industrial and Academic world, NGO’s, etc.

The Royal Higher Institute for Defence acts as the interface between these different worlds: this is its raison d’être!

During 10 two-day residential Seminars, organized on a monthly basis and devoted to a specific theme, the Auditors attend lectures of renowned academics, political experts, diplomats and practitioners. The lectures are followed by a debate with the Lecturer. Afterwards, the Auditors exchange their personal experiences and reflections in working groups, which allows for an in depth analysis of the discussed topics.

To allow for open and constructive discussion, all seminars are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

In addition to the Seminars, monthly visits of Institutions that play a major role in the field of Security and Defence are organized.

The Auditors unanimously acclaim the quality of these High Studies which aims at improving the way senior staff in various Security and Defence sectors fulfill their current jobs and prepare them for new responsibilities.


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